Sensor Technology

Sense-Tex is currently collaborating with the Vitals Trak Sensor solution for healthcare, and we are excited to share that our sensor integrations go beyond just this! In our initial Minimum Viable Product (MVP), developed by Space Engineer Mr Marcelo Boldt, we successfully combined heart rate, humidity, and temperature sensors, connecting them to an app that provides crucial vital information. Through this innovative approach, we were able to detect early stages of virus symptoms by utilizing the fabric alongside these sensors.

While this was just the beginning, designed to showcase the immense potential of sensor integrations, we have now shifted our focus towards optimizing these integrations for mechanical recycling. Our goal is to seamlessly and discreetly integrate them into garments, providing both functionality and sustainability. Currently, we are working closely with US partner Supreme Corporation whom are procured in the US Government sector, to achieve this vision. This interdisciplinary development stems from our involvement with the ESA (European Space Agency) Accelerator program in 2022, and collaboration with Vitalprobe inc.