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Welcome to The Official Page for Sense-Tex®

Sense-Tex, is a new innovation that represents a seamless union of style, functionality, and sustainability.
Formulated as a 5-fiber yarn-thread mixture, it comprises two conductors and three natural fibers.
This balanced composition gives rise to a health-enhancing, sustainable fabric fit for Smart Textile applications. Beyond just a textile, it acts as a guard against harmful chemicals, viruses, and bacteria. And when paired with sensors, Sense-Tex stands out as a significant contributor to the tech advancements in the fashion realm.
In other words, Sense-Tex is a comfortable cloth that can be used for both fashion and health.

Paul Stewart, CEO Weekly

Quality A

Soybean 40 %, SeaCell 20 %,
Zinc 20 %, Silver 10 %,
Ramie 10 %

Quality B

Soybean 50 %, SeaCell 25 %,
Zinc 15 %, Silver 5 %,
Ramie 5 %

Quality C

Soybean 50 %, SeaCell 20 %,
Zinc 10 %, Silver 3 %,
Ramie 17 %

The GSM is 150 gr on all qualities and the width is 170 cm. 1 Mt fabric makes 255 gr (150 gr x 170 cm). 1kg fabric is about 3,70 mt. (All values may vary about plus, minus % 5.)

Official Page for Sense-Tex®

Sense-Tex is a groundbreaking yarn-thread and fabric technology that seamlessly merges fashion with advanced utility and sustainability. Developed by Transforming Textiles AB, Sense-Tex brings forth an unparalleled textile experience to the consumer.

Sense-Tex stands out with its unique 5-fiber yarn-thread composition, consisting of two conductors and three natural fibers. This sophisticated blend not only provides a health-enhancing fabric but also offers protection against harmful chemicals, viruses, and bacteria. Additionally, when connected to sensors, Sense-Tex paves the way for innovative tech integrations in the textile industry.