Gym Case Studies

A fabric can have amazing qualities with respect to sustainability and innovative technologies, but none of this will matter unless the product is wearable for the intended user. To verify these qualities, a small group of people in a regular gym (With the PT present) got a chance to test both a T-shirt and a pair of socks in 100 % Sense-Tex and compare them with reference t-shirt and reference socks.

The test group consisted of both men and women of varying ages. After their training session the test persons answered a few questions about their experience of each of the samples. When summarizing the survey, it was clear the Sense-Tex was considered to be better or equal in all aspects evaluated. The questions covered comfort and odor before, during, and after use. 

The Sense-Tex fabric is currently in the process of certification according to Friend of the Earth and Friend of the Sea, meaning that the material has a proven lower environmental impact compared with the average of similar materials on the market. As for the reference samples, they were a mix of products with eco labeling and products from conventional textile production.

In the world of textile it is common that you are forced to choose between style, comfort or sustainability, but choosing Sense-Tex you will get it all in the same garment.