Medical Perspective

Sense-Tex is a unique 5-fiber yarn-thread construction consisting of two conductors and three natural fibers. This composition not only creates a distinct fabric that promotes health but also offers protection against harmful chemicals, viruses, and bacteria. By connecting to sensors, Sense-Tex enables innovative tech integrations in the textile industry.

Unlike other smart textiles, Sense-Tex is sustainable, durable, and washable. It surpasses cotton in terms of longevity, lasting over 100 washes at different temperatures. It can be used independently or blended with other fabrics. The versatility of Sense-Tex opens up endless applications and paves the way for a sustainable and circular textile industry in the healthcare sector, where large volumes of textiles are consumed daily.

Sense-Tex offers various benefits as a textile. It avoids the release of micro particles into the water, possesses antiseptic and antibacterial properties, enriches the skin with antioxidants and vitamins, minimizes odor, provides protection against harmful UV rays, and shields against mold, mildew, and insects. Furthermore, Sense-Tex is biodegradable, compostable, and mechanically recyclable.


When connected to sensors such as Vitals Trak by Vitalprobe inc. it can provide Real-Time health data just like a smartwatch.
Vitals Trak sensor allows you to see what’s going on inside your body by giving you real-time data which let you alter your physiology to improve your physical and psychological health and well-being. Vitals Trak helps you get real-time clinical intelligence through continuous remote monitoring of vitals. Vitals Trak is ideal for all entities engaged in providing healthcare, including e-clinics and hospice care. It helps give access for quality healthcare in remote parts, small towns and villages (see more on www.vitalprobe.com).

  • Vitals Trak is GDPR & HIIPA compliant by design.
  • Continues to provide Heart Rate & Respiratory Rate during periods of activity.
  • The Vitals Trak device has a lifetime of up to 3 years depending on user wear and tear
  • The same device can safely be used on multiple patients by using a fresh gel-pad each time.
  • Vitals Trak is a cost-effective, scalable solution that will ensure multiple patient monitoring and continuous tracking of vital signs in an easy and hassle-free process!


Examples of what Vitals Trak can measure

  • HR (Heart Rate)
  • Real time ECG streaming
  • RR (Respiration Rate)
  • Skin Temperature
  • HRV (Heart Rate Variability)
  • Activities: Walking – Sitting – Lying down etc.
  • Body Position
  • Core Body Temperature (requires optional enclosure and belt humidity)