Our Technology

There are several reasons why Transforming Textiles AB stands out as a unique and valuable solution in the textile industry. Firstly, our innovative technology allows for a fully circular system, enabling the mechanical recycling of fibers. This means that we can take fibers and transform them into new fibers, creating a sustainable and environmentally friendly process.

Secondly, our yarn-thread technology not only provides high-quality products but also offers health benefits. We have incorporated the ability to measure health parameters, ensuring the safety of individuals in real-time.
Moreover, our textile technological solution is not limited to earth. It has the potential to be utilized in space as well, making it versatile and adaptable to different environments.

In terms of our business model, we initially focused on leveraging our product development expertise through strategic partnerships and licensing our technology. However, extensive market research has revealed a lack of accessible production facilities within the emerging smart textiles industry.

Consequently, we have decided to establish our own production and recycling station to maintain critical parts of the supply chain in-house. This approach is supported by various national and regional government initiatives that provide substantial support to our enterprise.

To ensure the comprehensive coverage of the supply chain, we will forge strategic partnerships for manufacturing and recycling globally.

Sense-Tex Fibres

This unique yarn-thread combination offers benefits such as a smooth silky feel and ease of recycling through a reversed mechanical process.

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Sensor Technology

Sense-Tex is currently collaborating with the Vitals Trak sensor solution for healthcare. We have now shifted our focus towards optimizing integrations for mechanical recycling.

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Vitals Trak

Vitals Trak allows you to see what’s going on inside your body by giving you real-time data which let you alter your physiology to improve your physical and psychological health and well-being.

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