General Perspective

Sense-Tex Standing Out

Composite Yarn with Five Distinct Fibers
In contrast to other patents that primarily focus on nanofiber technology, Sense-Tex introduces a composite yarn composed of five separate fibers. This innovative approach surpasses the limitations of nanofibers by combining various natural fibers, including vegetable protein fiber soybean, cellulose with seaweed, Ramie, silver-coated, and zinc oxide-enriched cellulose fibers. This unique blend of fibers offers a vast range of benefits and properties, setting it apart from other patents.


Multifunctional Composition
Sense-Tex’s composite yarn is designed to provide multifunctionality in textiles. By blending fibers with diverse properties such as antibacterial, moisture control, far-infrared properties, and ultraviolet radiation reflection, Sense-Tex aims to enhance the overall performance and benefits of fabrics made from this yarn.


Eco-Friendly and Sustainable
Sense-Tex incorporates Ramie fiber, renowned for its eco-friendliness and sustainability. This natural fiber is resistant to mold, mildew, bacteria, and insect attacks, making it an appealing choice for environmentally conscious consumers. Additionally, the ability to recycle fabrics made from Sense-Tex’s yarn by reversing the spinning process further emphasizes its sustainability.


Zinc Oxide-Enriched Cellulose Fiber
Sense-Tex incorporates cellulose fibers enriched with pharmaceutically pure zinc oxide. This addition provides antibacterial properties and prevents the formation of bacteria and viruses on textiles. It also contributes to hygiene and skincare, distinguishing Sense-Tex with its health-related features.


  • Antibacterial Properties through Fiber Composition: Sense-Tex includes cellulose fiber enriched with pharmaceutically pure zinc oxide. This innovative fiber composition aims to prevent the formation of bacteria and viruses on the fabric, a feature not prominently found in other patents.


  • Resistance to Microorganisms and Odor: Sense-Tex, with its cellulose fiber enriched with zinc oxide, aims to resist the formation of microorganisms and odours, ensuring long-lasting freshness. This unique aspect is not prominently featured in other patents.

Silver-Coated Fiber
Sense-Tex includes a silver-coated fiber, offering antiseptic and antibacterial properties. This fiber can also facilitate the transfer of electronic signals and connect sensors and other electronic components. The silver coating adds versatility to the composite yarn, making it suitable for various applications beyond traditional textiles.


Unique Yarn Structure
The composition of Sense-Tex’s yarn is carefully balanced, with each fiber type serving a specific purpose. By arranging fibers centrally and peripherally, Sense-Tex ensures that fibers with metallic content do not come into direct contact with the wearer’s skin. This design prioritizes comfort and the user experience.


Health and Hygiene Focus
Sense-Tex highlights the addition of essential trace element zinc in its cellulose fiber enriched with zinc oxide, promoting regenerative skincare and hygiene. This emphasis on health and hygiene aspects is not as pronounced in other patents.


Smooth and Silky Fabric Feel
Sense-Tex claims that fabrics produced from its composite yarn will have a smooth, silky feel. This feature caters to consumers seeking both comfort and style in their clothing, differentiating it from patents that do not emphasize fabric texture.


Moisture Management and Quick Drying
The Ramie fiber used in Sense-Tex possesses properties such as moisture absorption and quick drying, offering functional benefits beyond mere fabric composition.